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Li xiaolu sunglasses three shopping show sweet peach blossom

by:Eugenia     2020-08-24
Recently, li xiaolu three shopping as exposure. Li xiaolu 'black glasses covered face, dressed in a peach blossom design sportswear, smile is a black mouth with a black face, daughter is wearing a cute little green skirt, family travel very assertive, happiness and warm. This time, li xiaolu three out of the street, the husband smile mask cover the face, the little princess of holding have been able to run freely, and normal, but wearing big sunglasses in a peach blossom star of big shop sign li xiaolu is difficult mask, temperament, and the iconic pointed chin to make way for the man a glance recognized, and facing the fans say hello, li xiaolu is smile to table manners, with their own practical action to teach the girls how to respect others. On the same day, li xiaolu accompanied by several famous people again three shopping, shopping, dad smile acting as a daughter of a photographer, using their cell phones daughter, the beautiful image of childhood, while li xiaolu accompany beside my daughter and her husband, a family has a lot of love.
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