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Of Eva who more fan wear sunglasses? Rolling stone guo tao, sweet jasmine is handsome

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
In recent years, as the parent class is much more of a reality show, those star baby also known, because of the reality and the strength of the star baby naturally it became a little child stars, as their celebriots, appear in public, in order to highlight its star aura, sunglasses, nature is little not, let's look at 'what she wear sunglasses! Recommended reading: we grey black children how fire big glasses? In the father where, in the first quarter, the stone is the oldest one kid, on the show, is also a man, as the original stone wear sunglasses to more star fan. Box with dad guo tao, imposing manner is not lost, this cool ye ye, after be brought up is a man of god. Female man's adjustment again in the line of sight of people, already is blossoming into a lovely little girl, wearing sunglasses, pulling a small suitcase, alone the tsundere expressions to express in the punchline! See background, xiao-peng li should be and wife walks dubai, three stand a group photo at the beach, wearing sunglasses heroism, which Mr Li small face with large dark glasses watch have aura than a mother! Fat porch is not only a version, or sister small expert, is also a brother little sunshine boy, the two plump little brother, wearing sunglasses sitting on a small bench, fat hin again now brother picture, warm warm so cute! Belle wearing sunglasses at the distance, seemed preoccupied, appearing a six or seven years old girl not melancholy temperament, don't be little cousin tiger, maybe belle just be cool! Grace sister's performance in the father where to impressive, in life she is wacky continuously, the great circle sunglasses to wear super happy feeling. Can have such a daughter, Gary is very happy! Xin ye swagger you are seen, but wearing sunglasses sweet, have you seen? The Fried day expression, abuse you thousands of times! Not only play with handsome, also got cool. The appearance of this act is invincible! Look older son kimi is the first season of dad where to read one of the biggest, then little kimi not only appearance, the lovely appearance is to let people can't cope, wearing dark glasses to wear such a lovely feeling only him! The small local tyrants Wang Shiling in your circle, I heard that li xiang to buy her a dress is enough to house down payment, although I don't know is true or not, but from Wang Shiling this full size just to be sure, the Eva in the life of food too much temptation, wearing sunglasses cool at the same time, this still does not forget things, but don't tell me again to eat! This article from sohu public platform, slightly modified, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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