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Ordinary sunglasses fit to make myopia sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-01
Summer fever and agitation for brewing for the love of beauty in the heart of one season began to stir. Beautiful cool sunglasses as decorations and shade, ushered in the selling season. But myopic friend especially at this time of distress, although for a long time, we also have myopia sunglasses consumer solutions. Such as stealth + sunglasses, sunglasses + dyeing,, regardless of his contact the advantages and disadvantages of the alternative is by changing a pair of prescription sunglasses dyeing piece as a solution, it really good? Of course, the answer is no, the reasons are the following: 1. Ordinary sunglasses cast is too large, affect visual result YC9705 general sunglasses sunglasses factory regular sunglasses in order to maximize your beautiful, cast are generally bigger, will be coated face. Generally the large cast the lens, the high bridge of the nose is a joint European and American people, characteristic of a slender face with Asian face many acosmia exist slant generally fruity characteristics. Type at the same time, the circle lens base curve is relatively large, matching the dyeing lens shape corresponding to also is big, and thick, never did a degree of beauty thin processing, also can have not beautiful edge thinning platform, different from consumers beautiful original requirements. 2. Silk pursuit of thin enough bearing capacity has been glasses design aim. Sunglasses, and give full consideration to every link in the design of the 'burden', silk is one of object by extreme fine chemical fiber. As a vice has been shaping the brand sunglasses, thin silk design is accord with human body engineering and wearing habits. But remember: they are only for the frame on the flat lens tailored, if you want to is to replace the flat lenses with prescription lenses, the bearing capacity of original silk will be from the right become sparse, it's like a S size dress, object suddenly from 160 to 170, such as crack, fall off is the norm, the complaint is the norm. 3. Trough and the lens can't perfect card or conventional sunglasses trough is the U slot, for the flat lenses, there is no problem, stability and fastness are good. But is replaced when the lenses with prescription, U groove between the lens and the 'rejection' will appear, even if the force loaded on for a while, when looking at is also no problem, but after daily wear, picked through the seasons, heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon occurs, originally just good summer, in autumn and winter, when the lens suddenly fell off, and what is less than the original level. This is not only the consumer, but also the difficult problem of retail stores. 4. Not locked shut loading and unloading inconvenience in recent years, in order to beautiful consideration, regular sunglasses basic cancelled silk marginal locked shut is designed, which is the circle of silk does not a burdensome on the design, the flat lenses, the device is a one-time, did not consider too much late lens disassembly and assembly. Must do so when reality, disassembly and assembly is a certain difficulty and risk, and this kind of risk will become a hidden danger for a long time. Sunglasses factory myopia sunglasses - — Professional sunglasses solutions provider, born to myopia sunglasses, give full consideration to wear myopia consumer experience and strict requirements, in style design, strives for perfection, lens performance and assembly use link very suitable friend wear myopia. The main advantages are the following: 1. Cast, but big, perfect shape also render big circle model elements, at the same time, combined with the feature of Asian face, slam the door is too big size can bring glasses and face the disadvantages of not too coordination, development much money in the classic series 'big, but' the big circle type myopia sunglasses. Ms sunglasses factory YC9702 sunglasses C3 black/lens 2. More color film lens selection, dye, progressive, polarization, dazzle colour liberally to pick original package dyeing, dazzle colour lens, and the frame to realize the perfect match to the greatest extent. Pettigrew and 13 new special color choices, from pan, gradual color to polarization, is rich and colorful. At the same time fashionable dazzle colour film can make a more disruptive changes in the pair of glasses. 3. With thick silk force over improve the disadvantages of conventional fine silk holding capacity is not strong at no cost to thicken the silk, positive aesthetic appearance, fine silk weight did not increase oppression on the bridge of the nose, on the contrary because of implements and best fit with the prescription lenses, without loosing the leakage, make the whole bearing is both powerful and average pair of glasses. 4. V groove, groove UV perfect match lens sunglasses V groove design, metal plate, TR sunglasses UV slot, the advantage is that by the edge of the optical lens grinding, can fit with the V groove, groove matching UV, avoid loose Dai Jiu, avoid heat bilges cold shrink effect. 5. Locked shut device can be arbitrary loading and unloading of optical lenses for the degree of discretion, the required size of the cast will have slightly different, shut and lock design, can be opened by the device, set aside part of the space, just the card in the lens and groove at the same time, the flexibility to adjust small size, to ensure tight and not collapse.
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