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Police looking out of the big brand sunglasses summer new height

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
Referred to in the summer people will think of the sunglasses, but what kind of sunglasses to handsome new height? Today we look at the big the charm of police sunglasses lens shape! DUO double color lenses, belong to find family, POLICE innovation design inspiration from heaven and earth, man and nature live in harmony, its leg and lens different color is tie-in, symbol of life always two sides to everything. Find family more aggressive OFFSIDE OFFSIDE series of proprietary unique suspension lens: OFFSIDE breakthrough, challenge the rules. Unique suspension lens design, led technology frontier. Good flexibility in the box before the stainless steel, the lithography technology to build inside casing to hover effects obviously. Also interesting classic family IMPACT shock series: inspired by natural linen material. Lens and high-end mercury. Unique metal surface treatment, match box before rendering linen texture visual impact, build in reinforced concrete city that is the lack of a green, plain, ecological heart of simple but elegant. STAR, STAR, from the house of fast fashion series, with its unique Korean culture fashion to spawn another rebel with unruly: plate black box before restoring ancient ways, metal mirror legs contrast with blade, wings logo, engraving on metal mirror legs, reveal personality style. Its leg plate black socks with the first metal material contrast, both increased the wearing comfort, also show the charm as a defender. The POLICE dare to try, like a challenge. Light plate, wear comfortable. Bold and innovative design before the transparent box, mirror legs wide by classic POLICE wings LOGO, frosted texture, color and mirror. Mirror legs closed with co-star tao motto: 'the world is not impossible for me. 'Like iron man, is a real and powerful heroes. As an international glasses world champions, POLICE have been pursuing to do one of the best fashion attitude: like a superhero, fight for justice in the summer, POLICE to alliance with maverick hero!
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