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Seeing more green is good for the eyes? 3 Myths and Truths About Eyes_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-19
Modern people are more or less troubled by eye fatigue and other discomforts. We have heard of some methods that can effectively protect our eyesight since we were young. But are the facts really as effective as the rumors say? Let’s explore three truths about the eyes. 1. Seeing more green is good for the eyes? When I was young, I heard the elders say that 'seeing more green can restore visionThe relationship and effect between the things of the original and the restoration of vision have not yet been confirmed. But because when looking at the green mountains and green waters, the eyes will naturally look far away, which does have a positive effect on restoring eyesight and can also relieve eye fatigue. Looking at the green plants all over the mountains and plains can also have a relaxing effect, so it’s good to enjoy the green feeling a lot. 2. Eye fatigue in a dimly lit room? I heard from an early age that playing on a computer or looking at a mobile phone in a dimly lit room will make my eyesight worse. In fact, when looking at the LCD monitor in a dimly lit room, it feels uncomfortable. The main reason is that the brightness of the screen is too much different from the brightness of the surroundings. Then properly adjust the brightness of the room while reducing the brightness of the screen, which can effectively prevent eye fatigue. 3. Tobacco smoke is not good for the eyes? People who hate second-hand smoke will have difficulty breathing when they are forced to breathe in tobacco smoke. Naturally, they will feel uncomfortable for their eyes. In fact, it is true that the tiny particles in cigarette smoke are a foreign body to the eyes. When a foreign body enters the eyes, the eyes will be burdened, secrete tears, and in severe cases, it will cause congestion. It is difficult to clean the eyes with cigarette smoke, so try not to smoke yourself, and at the same time avoid inhaling second-hand smoke as much as possible.
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