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Song bath, male money frame glasses and fresh image reveals a sunshine boy

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
Song bath sen ( gy) , Chinese male singer, was born on May 2, 1987, 6 old henan province, graduated from the central music college. On August 10, 2012 in the fifth stage of 'Chinese good voice' singing na ying 'conquer', become a member na ying teacher under will sing. Then with a fame for the three days and three nights. In 2013 awarded by the state administration of radio 'image ambassador' voice of the civilization, netease, awarded the title of '2013 love charity ambassador', etc. Song bath, bath, began in 2009 studying lyricist, composer, audio mixing, photography, drawing, film and television post-production, director, publicity, planning, agency and a series of related knowledge, and the first album 'the dream of want to' independently, and then create the divine comedy 2012 'because love' and so on become hot Internet sensation after numerous works, then ultra-high popularity by youku recommended to 'Chinese good voice'. Many people thought bath, to learn is to prove himself in this when asked about his own but he self-mockery of answer: to, there is no need to prove anything, just because there was no money to ask others to do these, had to yourself to learn! Published in 2014, the single also said of words '. Song bath's new single 'also said of words' he invited to sanya during the production photo, male money frame glasses, clean and pure and fresh image reveals a sunshine boy. Song bath, wear glasses and fresh image reveals the sunshine boy male money a picture from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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