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South Korean designer sunglasses GENTLE MONSTER

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
Mention the sun glasses, believes that many people first reaction is to ray-ban this brand, actually for a long time, was born in the United States ray-ban is to protect his eyes from the glare of the sun glasses. While in South Korea, and there is a new trend of sunglasses brand - — GENTLE MONSTER, is a favorite of many star brand, what are the advantages of this brand? GENTLE MONSTER in April 2011 by five with koreans lead dream was created. Brand design style bold, bright color, deserve to act the role of element halfback, modelling, personality is distinct. GENTLE MONSTER has been committed to in such aspects as culture, science and technology, the trend to become the leader of the market. 'Innovation experiment' is a GENTLE MONSTER, insist on brand concept. South Korea glasses brand GENTLE MONSTER is HIGH - END EXPERIMENT brand, by inherent philosophy and value as the center to provide differentiated designs. As a brand of sunglasses, GENTLE MONSTER in both international and domestic, are worthy of sunglasses. Unlike other famous brand sunglasses, GENTLE MONSTER, with its unique design and handmade consistence, not only in South Korea, are popular all over the world. From unfamiliar material and the design of the original art peaked personality to the product and daily, design of the commercial products enjoyed by more people, GENTLE MONSTER more than 50 sunglasses new products every year. Have a round box, box, aviator sunglasses, opal form such as a variety of design and various colors, bring you greater choice space. GENTLE MONSTER usually have 4 - each product 5 kinds of color, important shape with a variety of color mixing colored design does not see more in other brands. Personality of the limited product around the world, only less than 100 pieces of high value for collection.
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