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Sports sunglasses in where?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-02
Sports sunglasses is we need to wear safety protective glasses during exercise, it can protect our eyes from harm, and looks more beautiful. Sports sunglasses mainly is the two big advantages, then how much do you know the relevant knowledge of sports sunglasses? Let's learn together. Sunglasses factory SP0890 unisex eyeglass frame yellow/dazzle colour on option 1, picture frame, picture frame need soft and elastic, resistant to impact, when motion security protection face don't damage. Frame of the cover design can make the eyes close to the picture frame edge, prevent the rapid movement of the strong wind stimulation to the eyes. 2, the quality of the lens movement glasses refers to the quality of the lens, the quality of the lens from the lens to consider such as hardness, pervious to light and color. Hardness: sports glasses are using a PC ( Commonly known as space) No broken no crack impact resistance. Degree: 500 degrees to reduce 25 degrees, more than 500 degrees of reduce 50 degrees. But there are some degree is high, need to minus 100 degrees of above can adapt, but some people don't need to reduce, this is different from person to person. Pd is suitable for: the picture frame with eyes to control within the scope of 10 mm, if the distance is 65 mm, ok, then choose a picture frame distance is 62 - 72 mm. Pervious to light: at present, the world's general standard for the food and medical health inspection bureau ( F D ? A) Standard. According to the F? D ? A standard, the lens in the protection of light transmittance at the same time, to A certain degree of filtering out the sun ultraviolet ray, when 100% filter out ultraviolet light, should be 'UV 400 protct10n' labels, so check the lens on the UV label is quite important. About color, gray lens: 1 for any chromatography can balance absorption, so watch the scenery will dim, but do not have clear off color, show your natural feeling. Belongs to a neutral color. 2, dark brown lens, filter out a lot of blue light, which can improve visual contrast and clarity, under the condition of air pollution is serious, or foggy wearing effect is better. 3, green lens: the absorb light at the same time, the big eye increase to reach the green light, so has a cool and comfortable feel, is suitable for the people use eye fatigue. 4, blue grey lens: similar to the grey lenses, both belong to the neutral lenses, but darker, visible light absorption rate is higher. 5, yellow lenses: strictly speaking does not belong to the sun glasses, because it almost does not reduce the visible light, but in the foggy and at dusk, the yellow lenses can improve contrast, provide more accurate video, so also known as the night vision goggles. Some young people wear yellow lenses 'sunglasses' used as decoration. 6, shallow blue, shallow pink lens: the same is more practical than decorative lenses. Men sunglasses factory movement cycling goggles were polarized sun glasses with prescription glasses on maintenance of 1, the first thing to pay attention to develop good habits of wear, insist on both hands to pick glasses. Although the sports glasses with good performance, but can't afford the long single hand picked. 2, sports glasses often use has strong resistance to impact the PC lenses. The usual maintenance, wipe the PC lens must be washed with detergent with comprehensive professional lens cloth. 3, sports glasses don't wear, good in glasses bag properly kept, avoid by all means put it for a long time in high temperature environment, to avoid deformation of glasses or impact performance, more can't deposit with hard or sharp objects, avoid scratch the lens or paint.
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