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by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
Sorching summer, wearing sunglasses can shading, avoidance, protect the eyes, but a lot of people in order to beautiful beautiful, wearing very casual. Is behind the eye experts remind: beautiful trap.
a lot of people think that the color of the sunglasses the deeper the better filtering ultraviolet ray, actually otherwise. Lenses can cause some poor quality light refraction, scattering, affect vision; Some deep color of the lens not only cannot filter ultraviolet ray, can make uv instead of into the eye, lens injury, serious will cause cataracts.
to make his eyes from the ultraviolet radiation, the lens color must have a certain depth. But the lens light transmittance and uv transmittance is not too big relations, so do not blindly pursue the lens depth. Blackish green color lenses can absorb heat, bring cool and refreshing feeling, but its low penetrability and clarity, suitable to wear when the sun's rays is stronger.
warm tip: in general, the color of the sunglasses in dark grey, dark brown and inky, blue and purple is poor, because after two lens filter ultraviolet ray, not only will be through more ultraviolet light.
when driving, good can not wear with light to strengthen and deepen the lens color sunglasses, because this color of the lens only under the effect of ultraviolet will deepen, the car's windshield has absorbed a large number of ultraviolet ray, put on the sunglasses will make the light, not conducive to safe driving.
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