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The actor to play the black box of fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Small make up for you in front of the inventory of han geng, jj Lin and Chen xiao chun eight male black-rimmed glasses trend is dressed up, believe that many people are still wanting more, it doesn't matter, small make up power, power is today! Quick with small make up together to see! As you can see, this is the black box look wu zun brunei big handsome boy, he in advertising a glasses with black frame glasses image showing the gentle elegant temperament, have a little 'on the safety of people like jade, childe the one like you' feeling? This is the actor of the key still is, a simple pair of glasses for his handsome face more add a bookish, more foil the eyes in light blue. Black glasses, plus for drama. To know that now, do you have been deeply impressed by the glamour of black-rimmed glasses? Small a pair of black glasses, big star temperament is different, the fashionable glamour, do you feel?
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