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The glasses brand OLIVER GOLDSMITH glasses series

by:Eugenia     2020-08-08
Espcially in today's sunglasses are no longer in the summer, but the important elements of fashion dress supplement, regardless of sunny or cloudy, winter or summer, all people wearing sunglasses and with you. The glasses brand OLIVER GOLDSMITH was born in 1926, was once a number of members of the British royal family's own brand, let's together it sunglasses fashion! Brand design innovation and special, different from general heavy fact sunglasses styles, and materials with the same courage, for the first time to use lighter and more brightly coloured buttons gum instead of metal, get rid of the traditional, well liked by his royal and star, such as Morocco, Britain's prince Charles and princess Diana princess, Adele cokin Teresa ha, meters, etc. Introduced and brands to meet the demand of the ASIAN market, more ASIAN FIT style, will the nasal part specially raised, make wearing more comfortable, it is very close.
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