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The most Gentle Monster of the sunglasses in China market

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
Han Chao popular in recent years, well-known international first-line brand sunglasses Gentle Monster with expansion in China. Gentle Monster in the consumers' mind has already formed the unique and meaningful impression, not only by the south Korean star, in China I also got the favour of domestic stars, that must drive the sunglasses market trend in China. Gentle Monster BigbullyGentle Monster LovesomeGentle Monster, not only has the trend of glasses style, its flagship store is having a unique style, the Gentle Monster, a total of 10 flagship stores in the world, located in Xian, hong, bordered with poplar trees new sand hole, hole in guangxi road, busan, New York, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Theory of Xian hole flagship store is GENTLE MONSTER of the first stores, a total of two layers, in order to ship as the theme, through a variety of different room for you to create the story of a journey to an indelible memory. Theory of Gentle Monster South Korea Xian hole flagship store Gentle Monster as with over 450 stores in 30 countries international first-line brand sunglasses, in the capital, Beijing sanlitun fashionable landmark as a starting point, opened the first flagship store located in mainland China and announced formally entered the Chinese market. Gentle Monster has unique art shop space design in the flagship store in Beijing sanlitun swire also authentic to show, the flagship store is based on three critical art artist lead story theme 'Secret Neighbors' series of the second clue art space. Continuation of daegu flagship store 'Secret Laundry,' the theme of the Beijing flagship name for 'Secret Apartment'. When you walk into the Gentle Monster with 'APARTMENT' as the theme of the flagship store in sanlitun swire, you will feel the Gentle Monster store the special definition of space, break your commercial space of conventional mind-set. Gentle Monster flagship store in Beijing tuen swire Gentle Monster as an international first-line brand sunglasses, their goal is, for the purpose of 'innovation high-end experiment', a collection of products, space, style, culture, science and technology the five areas, constantly to surprise and move around the world. They want to do, not to consumers from other competitors, but to make the consumers' mind only Gentle Monster. Popularity of Gentle Monster in South Korea is beyond doubt, because of its many themes. Compared with other brand of glasses, Gentle Monster each series has its own unique personality, seemed to be a different story. The CORE 612 L 01 series has a unique personality, for example, CORE612 series, the series with chic design to create unique personality, are popular among young people. Core 612 series of glasses is lighter, thinner and more style restoring ancient ways, the sunglasses can easily match your any dress, wearing light and comfortable and can reveal superior taste. Gentle Monster each theme will have more color options, not drab. Whether consumers are like high low color or color can meet the demand. Different from traditional sunglasses, such as Gentle Monster light lens series, no matter in indoor or outdoor to wear, not inconvenience because of the insufficient light. The Gentle Monster expansion in China, to open a flagship store in Beijing's sanlitun, on September 1 in Shanghai huaihai road no. 800 also opened its flagship store, the theme of 'Artisan', will be tangible wood, metal and the integration of invisible sound, the working process of the outstanding artists, craftsmen. Gentle Monster Shanghai huaihai road flagship store, like Gentle Monster friend can go to experience the Chinese flagship store's unique style. Pursuit vogue young, can bring a like Gentle Monster to travel, to dress up every day special.
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