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The new trend of the sunglasses! 'One piece' launch 'more francois Ming' glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-01
'One piece' and recently launched a new wave of peripheral products and accessories, of which, 'Ming' Don Quixote ', related surrounding the most high-profile, lang Ming for the Ming frame glasses bought in three yuan is to the! Japanese cartoonist eiichiro oda in a twinkling of an eye, 'one piece' superman gas works has been with us through the nearly 20 years, after 80 become indispensable to the memory of childhood, is now looking forward to 'one piece' don't like 'naruto' so fast over. Modelling has a unique role of cartoon characters and Settings, so about the role of popular items, if be materialization for many comic and animation fans are around super fantasy. Official emphasize perfect created many unique curve, francois Ming glasses absolutely can make comic book content. And this pair of glasses is no ordinary toys, still is the sun glasses with UV resistant, can let you become the focus of all summer. 'Ming glasses' hang on a T-shirt, a sailing king fans will definitely super surprise, this pair of glasses the official price is RMB 10800. Also introduced a Ming on the round collar shirt, you can get a lot more simple Cosplay jean-francois Ming. Black dots on the round collar adornment is one big key. The Ming shirt body demonstration, isn't it very attractive? The shirt of the official price is RMB 17280. At the same time is also suitable for girls to wear. Even the girls put on Ming shirt looks pretty good, the wave of new goods will be held on July 16 to August 31, 'odaiba dream China' sailing king of advance sale in the store, but even bought Ming glasses, want to wear out also need considerable confidence! ! ! ! This article from YOKA fashion website, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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