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The role of contact lens care solution_contact lens_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-15
As long as you wear contact lenses, you must still use the care solution, and you must use a special contact lens care solution, so as to ensure a good wearing effect and make our eyes better. There are also many different types of care solutions in China. As long as it is a high-quality care solution of a regular brand, it can guarantee a good care effect. So what is the role of contact lens care solution? Function one, disinfection. Because many people buy contact lenses that are long-term, especially some contact lenses that are discarded every year, even if we only wear them for six or seven months, in fact, they are very prone to bacterial growth. The contact lens care solution has a good disinfection effect, so that it can avoid the growth of bacteria, and it can also do a good job in the basic cleaning of contact lenses. The second function is to remove protein. No matter what type of contact lens, the surface is very easy to settle protein. Therefore, it is recommended that you still use some care solutions that are more guaranteed to remove protein, so as to ensure a good use effect. Especially for the contact lenses that are thrown in half a year and every year, the protein deposits are more serious, and it is necessary to use a special care solution to get rid of the protein. Function three, moisturizing Contact lenses all have a certain amount of water, and it is necessary to ensure a good moisturizing effect. Only in this way can it be ensured that there will be no problems with the subsequent wearing of contact lenses. Moreover, mineral water cannot be used casually to care for contact lenses, otherwise it will cause very irritation of the contact lenses and damage the contact lenses. The ingredients and functions of the care solution in the essay will be introduced in detail. It is recommended that you should choose a regular brand of care solution to ensure a good application effect. And we can't just focus on the sterilization function. The care solution should be gentle, so that the subsequent use is not irritating, and the wearing comfort of the contact lens can also be ensured.
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