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The sun glasses youdao

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
The sun glasses is a match with good equipment, at the same time can help you to stop the strong light, especially in the summer, many people are fond of wearing it. But also need to be careful to buy sunglasses, some people can not wear, and some people are very suitable for! Ray-ban RB4187 - F unisex sunglass 856/13 hawksbill tea box piece of the following three people had better wear sunglasses 1, drivers - — The driver in order to ensure the safety, prevent eyestrain, had better put on sunglasses. 2, underwent cataract surgery -- — Placed artificial crystal after cataract surgery ( Especially using the ordinary artificial crystal) People, eyes of uv filter function to drop, had better wear sunglasses when summer travel. 3, skiing, adventure -- — Engaged in the person of skiing, and mountain adventure sports, in order to reduce uv damage to the eyes also should wear sunglasses. The following five kind of person is best not to wear sun glasses to children under the age of 1, 6 - — Children under 6 years old visual function is development, need the stimulation of bright light and clear object, and filter function of sunglasses, just can reduce the intensity of light, to a certain extent also reduces the view definition. If too much in this period to wear sunglasses, can lead to retinal imaging is not clear, can even affect the development vision, cause amblyopia. 2, color blind - — If is achromatopsia person, wearing dark glasses is no problem, just because of such patients could not tell the difference between colors. But if it is part of the color blindness patients ( As one of the most common red green color blindness) , only a few kinds of color is a lack of discrimination, then put on sunglasses, will make them more difficult to distinguish between colors. Gucci GG3674 / S unisex sunglass 4 whjj3 outside in the dark yellow, night blindness - — Night blindness patients themselves in relatively dim eyesight will become worse. If you put on sunglasses, will make their eyesight drops further, so doesn't suit to wear. 4, angle-closure glaucoma patients - — Angle-closure glaucoma patients wear sunglasses may trigger the onset of glaucoma. Because the aqueous humor circulation in the patients with glaucoma eyes itself has a problem, has a high intraocular pressure, if put on sunglasses, patients will be reduced because light, dilated pupils, intensifying the eye aqueous humor circulation disorder, make originally has been further increased very high intraocular pressure, lead to deterioration. 5, cataract, high myopia, fundus diseases - — If suffering from severe cataract, high myopia, or retinal diseases, etc. , and thus lead to variation of vision, especially the elderly, to avoid accidents, also had better not to wear sunglasses.
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