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This makeup look is more suitable for sister with glasses!

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
Some girls don't like to wear glasses because not satisfied with the appearance of his glasses, think don't wear glasses eyes bigger and more attractive, and some of the girls because wear glasses can't highlight your makeup look, especially the eye makeup. In fact some makeup look is more suitable for wear glasses girl oh, correct glasses look, more defects can keep out face! Whether plastic black box or metallic silver glasses, as long as the methods are not inferior to any beauty makeup. South Korea famous cosmetics brand too cool for school for your explanation right glasses beauty makeup of each window. POINT 1 in natural Yin glasses beauty makeup the key is to make a flawless skin. In addition, also should be to create skin with the beauty of natural burnish. The second is the need to highlight the face stereo feeling. Suggest to use highlights and shadows. Will highlight areas used in facial T products centrally, and nasal shadow play and shadow double gills, such not only can make the face appear more compact visual effect, still can make facial features more stereo. POINT 2 bright eyes beauty makeup mainly are nearly all in the eye makeup and lip makeup. Even wore glasses, also cannot careless eye makeup. But too thick eyeliner and frame it will only make makeup look thick, not clean, so make a slightly eyeliner and plentiful lashes to female charm straight line ascension. After first use eyelash clip your eyelash full up, again use eyeliner gently draw look line, it is recommended to use after that to make the roll become warped eyelash, long effect more than mascara to create rich, impeccable eyelash makeup. POINT 3 bright lips also mentioned above, beauty makeup highlights more concentrated in the eye and lip. Especially when the weather is gradually clear spring should make beauty makeup more vitality, so that when they need adorns a bright spot on the lip makeup. When choosing labial makeup products, in addition to the need to pay attention to the product color is more need to focus on its lustre degree will be enough. So choose to excellence in product color and lustre effect syncretic lipstick, the durability of the product should be in place. Makeup look perfect glasses will be made, hurriedly go to try! Glass frame recommendation: bamboo wood wild sichuan Z2602 unisex eyeglass frame sheet C2 black silver tyrannosaurus BJ1108P10 tortoiseshell tide model of neutral big yards myopia frame
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