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Tiffany tang cool sunglasses is stunning!

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Tiffany tang in < xianjian 3>, much attention has been paid to the corner bapanling and after a number of TV dramas starring image is very pure and lovely, the plot is good but also because of has always been the role of 'stupid white sweet' controversial. Life in a few minutes less tiffany tang pure silly, a little more fashionable atmosphere! Tiffany tang had loved before a different hat and sunglasses, hat, hat, cap, sunglasses, circular box box big sunglasses, elliptical different sunglasses, image temperament is very good! But these appear to be enough, cool enough, not enough ShanYan, enough atmosphere! As a result, the tiffany tang on the airport wearing a super beautiful pair of sunglasses, even across a dozen meters you can one eye was attracted by her! Come and have a look! The fashion leisure felt trilby, two show MOE horsetail, dazzle colour fashion sunglasses! Big picture frame the face base turned, almost all flash flash purple lens skin lining up white beautiful, bright eye red lip foil is camouflage and moving! This face is really looks great! Think it is better to secular, it seems that only the appearance level is not enough good, and the rational use of accessories, light makeup skills to learn! Ray-ban sunglasses RB8056 men 175/6 q C13 tortoise-shell sunglasses factory ms YC9703 sunglasses black leg/dazzle colour green blue and white box
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