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What are the methods to treat astigmatism?

by:Eugenia     2022-04-03
In terms of problem solving, if we want to find the best solution, we must first find out the main cause of it. So today, we have to find out the root cause of astigmatism before choosing the best method for astigmatism. 1. Causes of astigmatism: Astigmatism is caused by uneven curvature of the cornea. Under normal circumstances, the cornea is uniform and transparent. Astigmatism is the appearance of two blurred images on the retina after the light passes through the cornea, etc., and because there are two blurred focal points, the vision is unclear. Therefore, people with astigmatism have double images when they see things. 2. The best way to treat astigmatism: If the eye has astigmatism above 50 degrees, it needs to be corrected. General frame astigmatism correction and contact lens correction. For adults, I think wearing astigmatism contact lenses is a treatment for astigmatism. The best way, in addition to laser surgery can also be used to treat astigmatism. When choosing the best method to treat astigmatism, because the condition of the eyes is different, it is best to choose the method of treating astigmatism according to the individual's glasses situation. 3. Treatment 1. Optical correction of astigmatism: The optical correction of astigmatism mainly refers to the correction of glasses, including frame astigmatism correction and contact lens correction. For astigmatism in children and adolescents, it is generally necessary to wear a frame astigmatism lens. The astigmatism lens contains a cylindrical lens. When the binocular astigmatism is corrected, the cylindrical lens of the two astigmatism lenses will produce binocular spatial visual effects. The correction of eye astigmatism by contact lenses refers to rigid contact lenses. The principle of correction is to use the contact lens and the corneal surface to fill the corneal astigmatism with tears, and the lens surface has no astigmatism, so as to achieve the effect of eye astigmatism correction. Contact lenses are very effective in correcting astigmatism, especially some oblique astigmatism or high astigmatism. 2. Surgical treatment of astigmatism: Surgical treatment of astigmatism is mainly aimed at correcting high astigmatism, such as congenital corneal astigmatism, surgical corneal astigmatism, intraoperative adjustment of penetrating keratoplasty that requires 360 incisions is particularly important, corneal astigmatism inspection mirrors are available Adjusting the incision suture under the microscope has a better effect on reducing corneal astigmatism. Modern laser keratectomy for corneal astigmatism has achieved the goal of complete astigmatism treatment.
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