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What kind of people are not suitable for wearing cosmetic contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-01
The cosmetic contact lenses are still very beautiful, especially many female friends are willing to wear them, so that the effect of matching different makeup looks is more beautiful. However, it is recommended that you should choose the color contact lenses according to your actual situation, and also consider whether you are really suitable for wearing contact lenses. So what kind of people are not suitable for wearing cosmetic contact lenses? Pregnant women Because women's endocrine secretions will change greatly during pregnancy, the cornea will also have mild edema, so the thickness of the cornea will increase a little. If there is a more sensitive situation, it is not suitable for wearing cosmetic lenses. Moreover, if you continue to wear cosmetic contacts during pregnancy, it will cause severe hypoxia in the cornea, so it is very prone to corneal damage. And you should be cautious when you are pregnant, even for eye diseases, it may not be well treated. Office workers have to face the computer for a long time. Even if they wear framed glasses, they are very prone to dry eyes. If you wear a cosmetic contact lens, the thickness of the cosmetic contact lens itself will be higher, so wear it for a long time. The cosmetic contact lenses are really uncomfortable. It is also recommended that if you really want to wear cosmetic contact lenses for a long time, you can actually consider choosing cosmetic contact lenses with high water content, so that at least the oxygen permeability is better and the wearing comfort is better. But for a long time facing the computer, try to wear basic anti-blue glasses, which are better than contact lenses. Patients with eye diseases If you have eye diseases, you should definitely avoid wearing contact lenses, especially if you have eye contact lenses. If you have trachoma and conjunctivitis, you should at least ensure that the treatment is completed and the eye condition is stable before you can wear the cosmetic contact lenses. There are many high-quality, high-oxygen contact lenses, so the wearing effect is guaranteed. However, it is not recommended to continue wearing cosmetic contact lenses when you have eye diseases, otherwise it may cause your condition to increase further.
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