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What should I do if my child has high myopia? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-14
High myopia is evolved from mild myopia, which refers to the myopia with a diopter of more than 6 degrees, that is, myopia of more than 600 degrees. For adults, high myopia can be treated with surgery, but any surgery has certain risks. So, what to do if the child is highly short-sighted, let's take a look today. Because children are in the stage of growth and development, their eyes will have a strong ability to adjust, and their corneas will be very thin. Therefore, the use of surgery for treatment may cause excessive damage to the cornea, thereby affecting the health of the eyes, and may also cause a variety of eye diseases after surgery, such as glaucoma, retinitis, uveitis, and high intraocular pressure. Wait. Therefore, for children, you can choose to wear a certain degree of myopia glasses first to control the development of vision and keep vision from declining. When the child reaches a certain age, surgery may be considered. At present, the most widely used operation for the treatment of high myopia is excimer laser treatment. It is the same as wearing myopia glasses. It improves vision by adjusting the focal length, but it cuts the cornea, although the damage is not very serious. Large, but to a certain extent has broken the chain between corneal molecules. Therefore, the damage to the eyes is still unavoidable, and sometimes there are sequelae. Children with high myopia should remember to do fundus mydriasis and optometry regularly to understand the changes in vision; usually add an appropriate amount of vitamin ACE to keep the metabolism of cells in the eye normal; you can also do more exercises that are beneficial to the eyes to improve the external appearance of the eyes stimuli conditioning ability.
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