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What to do if you wear contact lenses with eye inflammation?_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-08
Eyes are different from other organs. Their ability to withstand the external environment is relatively low, and they are quickly contaminated by bacteria. As long as there are more debris left in the eye, or the rate of cell metabolism in the eye decreases, it will be easier to cause a variety of eyes. Inflammation. What should I do if my eyes get irritated? What should I do if my eyes get irritated when wearing contact lenses. 1. What is the cause of inflammation when wearing contact lenses? The shape of contact lenses is exactly the same as that of the cornea. During wearing, the contact area between the cornea and the air is blocked, which reduces the respiration rate of corneal cells and causes the corneal cells to not be normal. Absorb oxygen to complete various metabolic effects. The tears and sediments in the eyes cannot be discharged normally, and they accumulate in the cells of the eyes. If they continue to last, they will cause eye inflammation and various types of inflammation, such as keratitis and conjunctivitis. , Retinitis and so on. There are many causes of eye inflammation, and the treatment methods for eye inflammation caused by different factors will also be different. For example, because some people do not have enough sleep or overuse their eyes for a long time, the tears in the eyes are secreted too much and cannot be discharged out of the eyes normally, which leads to inflammation of the eyes. For eye inflammation in this case, the simpler way is to allow the eyes to get enough sleep time, relieve the tension and regulation of the ciliary muscles, and eat more foods containing vitamin A and protein to improve the resistance of the eyes to the external environment. ability. Second, how to deal with eye inflammation The process of eye inflammation is relatively long, it is generally caused by the accumulation of years, such as myopia patients who often wear contact lenses, due to the long wearing time and unsanitary wearing methods. Regular care of contact lens lenses will cause more deposits left by the lenses, which will cause eye inflammation. In this case, it is better to reduce the wearing time of contact lenses, or you can stop wearing contact lenses and switch to frame glasses. If you want to wear it, you must clean it well, and don't let the lens be contaminated by bacteria, otherwise it will cause the eye to become more irritated.
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