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What to eat to relieve eye fatigue? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-17
The eyes are the most difficult organs of the human body. Most of the information of human beings is obtained through the eyes, so the eyes are also known as the window to the soul. Because of this, the long-term overuse of the eyes or the aging of the eye cells leads to a decrease in the adjustment power of the ciliary muscle of the eye, which is prone to eye fatigue. However, most of the eye fatigue is caused by the lack of nutrients in the body and the inability to perform normal metabolism, so today I will take you to find out what to eat to relieve eye fatigue. What to eat to relieve eye fatigue <1>. Vitamins A and C, they are the main components of the iris of the human eye, and are also indispensable nutrients in the human body. They can effectively promote the blood circulation of cells and supplement the energy lacking in metabolism. It is also one of the indispensable nutrients to prevent myopia. Eat more fruits, such as oranges, peaches, tomatoes, etc. <2>. Protein, the human eye is prone to fatigue. In addition to overuse of the eyes, the lack of protein is also the main problem. It can promote the growth of cells and improve the immunity of cells. If the protein component is lacking for a long time, it will promote the atrophy of the cells in the eye, which will cause the cells in the eye to fail to reach the normal state of activity. Eat more fish, meat, shrimp and other emulsion products. <3>. Vitamin B1, which is one of the nutritional sources of the optic nerve, the lack of vitamin B1 is easy to cause eye fatigue, or easily cause keratitis, conjunctivitis and other diseases, so in real life, you can eat more sesame seeds and soybeans , fresh milk and wheat germ. <4>. Appropriate supplementation of lutein, it is very effective in preventing the aging of the eyes, or preventing retinal maculopathy, and also has a great effect on preventing the formation of cataracts. Coupled with lutein, it can improve the adjustment of ciliary muscles and help the eye muscles to enhance elasticity. The content of spinach is extremely rich. <5>. Supplement of calcium, zinc, aluminum and other trace elements, they are one of the main components of the eye, long-term lack of it will definitely lead to eye fatigue, severe cases may lead to decreased vision, the formation of myopia and so on. Eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains. To relieve eye fatigue, in addition to eating more of these rich nutrients, workers who are usually in front of the computer can appropriately reduce the time they spend with their eyes. Every once in a while, they can watch green plants from a distance to relieve the pressure on the ciliary muscle. Conditional eye exercises can be done, which is more effective in relieving eye fatigue.
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