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Witness the power of science and technology: omnipotent VR glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
The pace of development of science and technology have faster than we can imagine, many previously unknown or have not thought about things being slowly explore and implement. VR glasses, for example, it is a kind of comprehensive utilization of computer graphic system and all kinds of reality and control interface equipment, such as on computer generated, interactive 3 d environment technologies immersed sense. In short, it's a across the product of The Times, on the way of exploration and development of VR glasses we are full of surprises and unknown. Samsung: children VR glasses instead of Bedtime story samsung said more than a third, parents can't tell a story to the child every day, so the research and development is a combination of VR and Bedtime VR Stories of VoIP technology, let parents in their children's Bedtime Stories. Each story about 6, 7 minutes long, parents wearing samsung Gear VR follow the screen text and image stories, the children only need a Google Cardboard VR patch can see and hear. In addition to the interactive version, samsung also provide single-player experience, let the user directly use Gear VR to watch the story. Samsung Bedtime VR Stories is still in development stage, believe that soon, children in addition to listen to their parents a story before bed, will also be able to interact with the story. Huawei huawei: the first VR glasses products, managing director, strategic Marketing President Mr Xu, points out that the VR to achieve perfect virtual reality experience, to deal with up to 5 per second. 2 gbit amount of data, time delay is lower than 20 ms. Huawei's consumer business CEO ChengDong introduction, huawei has reached 20 mm VR glasses low latency, much lower than similar products in the 100 mm, so huawei VR glasses without vertigo. Huawei said, this product is the world's first support 360 degrees of visual and acoustic field synchronous mobile VR products, also pioneered calls, text messages, WeChat function, virtual and real a key switch. In terms of entertainment, huawei VR with 4000 + free movies, 350 + panoramic photos, 150 + panoramic roaming and 40 + free games. Huawei has also invited each big games, and video stores in China is optimized for VR audio-visual experience. MOGGLES: folding VR glasses from Sweden portability of VR glasses are on the market is not so good, the user can't carry it go on a journey. In order to let users can share the joy of the game of VR, anywhere Moggles was designed as a thickness less than 5 cm, weight 200 grams of the box. Stretch it, you can insert phone heartily enjoy VR; Folded, you can put it in a bag with you. It is important that the box can protect the lens be beautiful at the same time. With Moggles once said go go to travel, don't acosmia at all. In addition to folding, Moggles and other VR glasses are a little difference, he is in front of a open. Through clever design, draw mobile phone camera can reveal. This means that in the process of using Moggles, cell phone camera will also be Moggles experience some additional functionality. The above information from the sunglasses factory small make up finishing editing, knowledge more glasses to sunglasses factory, please view glasses net. Website: https://www. yichao。 Cn /
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