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Dusk is unfavorable to wear sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-15
Guide language: in recent years, we found that more and more people begin to pay attention to the decorative effect of sunglasses, wearing sunglasses will have more type cooler. Many people regard it as one of the popular accessories, if you stand on the bridge of the nose will feel rocks a. But wearing sunglasses also will divide the time and occasion oh, anytime, anywhere for a long period of time wearing influential to eyesight health.
has to spring, summer is walking slowly. In the summer the sun bath, all kinds of fashionable sunglasses again become the focus of beautiful people rushed to chase. But, you know? If improper selection and wearing sunglasses, also can damage eyesight.
some people wear sunglasses regardless of time and place, outdoor or indoor, even dusk, watch movies are wearing it. Will increase burden of eye, this eye muscle tension, blurred vision, serious when still can appear the symptom such as dizziness, not long, or between the eyes, cheeks symptoms such as numbness, perception dull skin, have nasal breathing discomfort, or feel the bugs crawl on the face, eyes acid bilges, etc. This is often wear edge width, thickness, weight caused heavy glasses. In addition, glaucoma, patients with senile cataract and lens obvious expansion should not be wearing sunglasses. Children under 6 years of age are not suitable for long time wearing sunglasses.
with different color lenses also applies to different light environment. Such as partial green sunglasses make lens color transmission ratio curve is more close to the eye's natural curve. As a result, the scene long time keep clear, and can alleviate eye fatigue; Brown lens by increasing the contrast to improve visual acuity, in the line of sight of fuzzy, foggy, or generally the gloomy weather zhongshi content effect is very good; Dark brown lenses can reflex the light blocking, can in the dazzling sunlight can see small part of the object; And blue, yellow and pink lens antireflective ability is weak, not appropriate to wear under the strong light.
epilogue: because the adornment action of the sunglasses, some people wear sunglasses regardless of time and place, outdoor or indoor, even dusk, watch movies are wearing it. This will increase burden of eye, cause eye discomfort, so as to cause harm to the eyes. Wear sunglasses to protect his eyes, or used to decorate should pay attention to wear method, so as to avoid unnecessary damage to the eyes.
the article title: dusk is unfavorable to wear sunglasses
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